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Homemade Lotion Variations

There are endless variations, but some of my favorites are:

Calendula and Chamomile for babyRosewater and Almond OilPeppermint, Wintergreen, and Ginger for sore musclesCoconut and Calendula for faceMint and green teaLavender and vanilla

I’ve included my basic recipe below. You can customize by adding different essential oils, infusing your oils with herbs first using shea or cocoa butter in place of the coconut oil for more of a body-butter consistency.

NOTE: This is an improved recipe since many people were having trouble getting the temperatures exactly right to get the lotion to emulsify (as per the comments below). This recipe will not have any of those issues!

Homemade Lotion Ingredients

1/2 cup Almond or olive oil1/4 cup coconut oil1/4 cup beeswaxOptional: 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oilOptional: 2 tablespoon Shea Butter or Cocoa ButterOptional: Essential Oils, Vanilla Extract or other natural extracts to suit your preference

Note: All ingredients and many essential oils are available here.

How to Make Homemade Lotion

Combine ingredients in a pint sized or larger glass jar. I have a mason jar that I keep just for making lotions and lotion bars, or you can even reuse a glass jar from pickles, olives or other foods.Fill a medium saucepan with a couple inches of water and place over medium heat.Put a lid on the jar loosely and place in the pan with the water.As the water heats, the ingredients in the jar will start to melt. Shake or stir occasionally to incorporate. When all ingredients are completely melted, pour into whatever jar or tin you will use for storage. Small mason jars (8 ounce) are great for this. It will not pump well in a lotion pump!Use as you would regular lotion. This has a longer shelf life than some homemade lotion recipes since all ingredients are already shelf stable and not water is added. Use within 6 months for best moisturizing benefits.

Note: A little goes a long way! This lotion is incredibly nourishing and is also great for diaper rash on baby, for eczema and for preventing stretch marks!


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